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Super late TKRB60 entry for "Formal/Unexpected". It's unbeta'd and somehow I always end up with sinful things.


Mikazuki’s hands glide down her curves, his hands against the messy softness of Aki’s unbuttoned blouse. She huffs as she struggles with the buttons of Mikazuki’s own shirt, trying to arrange the collar but it becomes difficult as Mikazuki’s hands interrupt the process. He’s already reached her pants, teasing to unbutton them with a daring finger in between the fabric and her skin. She tries to ignore the blatant advance of his as she’s now making sense of the hanging tie on Mikazuki’s shoulders because she can’t even expect him to unbutton his own suit, so asking him to make a bow is impossible. Mikazuki instead hums as he casually sets her button free and his hand ventures further, with a teasing fingertip against the unexpected lace of her underwear. His eyes glint matching his dark smirk as his hand goes down until a sudden knot against his neck chokes him for a second, with his immediate reaction being a mix of cough and laughter to Aki’s unamused stare as she arranges the tie neatly over his shirt.

“A ha ha ha, I didn’t expect Master to act so rough already. I don’t mind it tho-” The last word fades in between his pulled lips, but his eyes smile brightly, sharp contrast against her deep frown.

“If you keep fucking around, we’ll be late,” Aki replies flatly, now making Mikazuki put on a vest and she takes on the task to button it and make sure the tie stays in place.

Mikazuki stays quiet, like a mischievous cat waiting for its owner to get distracted to do something. His eyes admire the brief flashes of her breasts in between the blouse and the tempting lace under as he lets her finish his outfit with that coat which fits his lean body. He is unused to black as his choice of clothes but from the look on her face it suits him well and she likes the result. She had, of course, chosen his suit for the occasion since his decision involved a hideous dotted one instead (truth be told, he had chosen it because he knew she would hate it and wanted her to dress him instead).

When she’s done and lets go of him, Mikazuki wastes no time and pulls her close to him, lips against her neck, to which she whimpers and struggles to break free. He laughs pleasantly as he meets her flustered face, she now had stepped back to avoid another attempt of seduction, one she would probably fail to stop, and she buttons quickly her blouse and her pants.

“Hmmm, I was hoping we could make wise use of our time before the party,” Mikazuki says, eyes glued to her movements, how she puts quickly her clothes with brashness instead of the delicate touch she used on him (except for that choking he actually really liked).

“They are sending someone to pick us up, I don’t want to get caught on the act and have to explain that I’m fucking an old sword.”

“Is that why you are wearing that lovely new lacey underwear now? Ah, I do recall you went to buy something while I finished eating your snack. I hadn’t felt this one before.”

Aki frowns as she puts on her coat, tightly around the chest area which makes him smirk as he loves how she looks.

“Congrats, Sherlock. I did buy it back then.”

“A ha ha ha, Master is so devious and cruel, to tempt someone with such a fine purchase before our elegant party. I don’t know how I’ll be able to behave myself after being exposed to such enticing view.”

“It was for the after party, dumbass.” She is done dressing herself but now Mikazuki’s hands arrange her collar and her suit, resting for a devilish second above her chest.

“A ha ha ha, that alluring, boyish charm of yours is bound to attract the attention of everyone in the room.” He traces the shape of her breasts and before she brushes him off, his hand softly brushes her bangs and cups her face. “Even more given your choice for tonight’s lingerie.”

She snorts and pokes his forehead. “Well, it was never meant for anyone but you to see.”

“Now I won’t be able to wait until it’s over, perhaps Master is planning to seduce me during the speech and takes me to a passionate session in the bathroom.”

Aki grabs her keys and walks to the door. “Ha, you wish. I am trying to keep a low profile. When I have a good reputation, I’ll think about your proposal.”

“In that case, I’ll make sure you impress everyone with your lovely face and excellent behavior, my dearest Aki.”

Mikazuki walks to her side, takes her hand and both walk outside, door clicking behind.


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