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Around November I had an idea based on the rumor/unproven fact that Yukimura owned a Muramasa sword. While I couldn't find any Japanese source confirming this, I ran with this idea and literally imagined a scenario I thinnk not many thought about. Because of my own bias to SW Yukimura and the SW series, especially Chronicle, what was a short story about Yukimura and Sengo Muramasa (the sword) planned to be around 3k workds ended up to be around 22k and a huge trainwrecky crossover between Touken Ranbu and Samurai Warriors Chronicle 3.

Because of the nature of this story, featuring blatant Mikazuki/Aki and Yukimura/SWC3 protagonist, as well as fictional, not-implemented-as-of-August swords, Tokugawa bashing and personal feelings, this story will not be posted on fanfic archives. The big focus is on the Sanada clan, with very minor appearances of other Osaka/Sekigahara swords and people, but they are NOT the main focus.

Part of the dialogues are taken from SWC3, and since it follows the plot of the game, there will be major spoilers, especially for the ending.

This post is basically a way to keep all chapters organized because it is too long to put in one single post.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5


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