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This was inspired by a fanart from Coma, where Mikazuki was drinking Sake and he says "Tonight is my win." However, I decided to take the not so usual route and imagine a different scenario instead.


“Tonight is my win,” Mikazuki says with a placid smile and unusual heated cheeks as his hand reaches to Aki but fails to touch her face. He lazily holds that empty sake cup and chuckles to himself though Aki joins him with a scoffed laugh.

“Right, Casanova,” she replies as she stands up without difficulty despite the many, many cups she’s already taken. Instead, Mikazuki finds himself in trouble as he tries to stand up but his eyes are disoriented and it seems he has lost the strength in his legs. “Seeing you can’t even get up, I’m sure you’ll be wild tonight…”

Aki instead holds both of his hands and pulls him up, but even so Mikazuki loses his foothold and leans on her, with an unrestrained laugh as if he finds this amusing. Truth be told, Aki does find this both amusing and surprisingly endearing, since Mikazuki is usually refined and annoyingly teasing but he is just cute and awkward tonight. She didn’t expect him to be unable to hold his liquor and he is equally surprised. Him against her body, she thinks on how she can get him to their room. She tries with his arm over her shoulders but Mikazuki just lets out a pleasant laugh and uncoordinated steps, threatening to fall at any second and tripping with his own clothes which now are inadequate and dangerous.

She sighs and rolls her eyes, but she does find him adorable as he tries to walk so, with a “Hold on and get ready, Princess,” she carries him in her arms. Mikazuki doesn’t expect it and clumsily throws his arms on her shoulders while she steadies him.

“My, my, I didn’t know you were such a strong gentleman, my dearest,” Mikazuki mumbles as he rests his head on her shoulder.

“If you say something silly, I’ll drop you off and you can crawl to the room,” she replies but doesn’t look angry at all.

Mikazuki is surprisingly lighter than expected and behaves better than usual, just enjoying the trip to their bedroom. Since it’s so late at night, no sword is around but they would be surprised to see the couple in this strange reversal of roles. Mikazuki actually chuckles to himself every time Aki has to stop and get a better grip of him, and he even tries to open their door but his coordination is now non-existent.

He lets himself be pampered by her when she lets him down gently on their bed, instead of the casual threat from before, how she takes off his metal accessories and unties and undresses him with perfect care.

“A ha ha ha, this is surprising… Normally you are desperate to undress me and throw away all of my clothes before we…”

Aki presses her lips against his, but it’s a surprisingly chaste kiss and pulls away with a smile. “I won’t be able to sleep if I take advantage of the poor drunk old man in front of me. Besides, you can somehow articulate words but I think your other abilities are hindered by the 5 cups you took, you lightweight. Maybe when you can touch the center of my lips with your pinky finger, I will bite you and do whatever filth you want.”

Mikazuki laughs and tries to touch her lips but his hand instead goes on her cheek and down her neck. He laughs more when she just shakes her head and Mikazuki takes the hint that he should just give up.

Next thing he knows, he is almost naked and Aki is lying on the bed, completely deprived of her clothes, despite the fact she isn’t doing anything salacious tonight. With difficulty, Mikazuki lies on top of her, with a messy fall that makes her groan.

“I love Master’s breasts… They are big enough to be seductively comfortable but not so much that I can’t listen to Master’s heart….” Mikazuki whispers as he nuzzles in between Aki’s breasts and Aki just smiles at him. Even drunk he is capable of awful comments but she just runs her fingers through his hair. There is a placid smile in Mikazuki’s face, so content and calm and Aki thinks to herself that she should get him drunk more often.


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