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I couldn't sleep properly yesterday so I thought about something involving Oodenta and the no. 1 sinner couple.


“Hey, why did you call me for?” Oodenta Mitsuyo looks as thrilled as ever as he enters the office, shortly after Juzumaru has left.

Aki lets out a sigh as she grabs one of the envelopes and grumbles, “I already explained it to you, but you were busy grumbling about being a future shut-in to pay attention.” She takes a thick package of papers in different colors, only held by some rubber band. She puts them inside the envelope and grabs a nearby marker, probably darker than Oodenta’s face. “It’s payment day, dumbass.”

“Payment?” Mitsuyo raises an eyebrow and turns to Mikazuki, who looks amused with this exchange. “What is the meaning of this?”

“A ha ha ha, it seems that Oodenta-dono isn’t accustomed to the concept of salary, Master.”

Aki takes the marker’s cap off and throws it at Oodenta’s face. “I already explained it, shithead,” she replies with a deep frown and Oodenta doesn’t even blink when he gets hit in the forehead. “You work, you get paid. Some of these assholes now want more money and you don’t even seem amused to get your share.”

“You have provided several services since you have arrived so it’s natural Master would like to give you some sort of compensation,” Mikazuki adds as he looks curiously over Aki’s shoulder. She’s still frowning and seems to gauge the size of the envelope. “A ha ha ha, could it be that the five kanji which compose Oodenta-dono’s name are too difficult for Master to write?”

She doesn’t turn to him but pinches his nose which causes him to laugh heartily.  “Fuck off, it’s too long to fit in here.”

Oodenta stays silent but he stares at both, probably thinking why they are even bothering with that.

“If that is the case, you could always shorten Oodenta-dono’s name. You’ve done that for most in the citadel so perhaps you can take a page from Ichi-nii-san’s book,” Mikazuki replies as he writes 123 on Aki’s shoulder with his finger.

“Ichi-nii..san… Oodenta Mit- Ah!”

With a smug air and a smirk, Aki takes the envelope, writing “345” with broad strokes until her marker stops at the end. Her face grows blue and her smirk is quickly wiped from her face, replaced with a stiff frown.

“Welcome to the Citadel, Oodenta Miyogo-” Mikazuki begins before Aki screams and interrupts him.

“Why can’t you have a normal name?!” she yells at Oodenta, stands up and leaves the room with bright red and distraught face, trying to cover it with her hands.

Oodenta glances at Aki as she storms out the room and then stares at Mikazuki, arching an eyebrow. “Care to explain?”

To his surprise, Mikazuki looks elated as if he’s seen something very amusing and endearing, like a cat failing to jump from one place to another. “A ha ha ha,” he laughs brightly. “Well, Master is rather creative when it comes to giving nicknames based on personal appearance and behavior, but she is unskilled in the art of witty names with numbers. She just recently realized that we could refer to our Ichi-nii-san with 123 despite that being his Citadel code between swords for over a year now.” His smile widens and Oodenta feels a chill down his spine because it’s so pure and clearly mischievous in spite of his innocent joy. “Master tried to give you a clever nickname, but numbers have never been her forte, Miyogo-dono.”

Mikazuki hands Oodenta the envelope. “If you excuse me, I have to take care of our beloved Master. I know your expertise lies in cutting down illness but not even your formidable spiritual powers will be able to mend her wounded ego. Please, use that money as you see fit. I will later give you a reward myself, for it has been a long time since I saw Master’s adorable expression.” And with that Mikazuki nods to Oodenta and leaves the room in an excited hurry.

Oodenta looks at the envelope, unmoving. “What was all that about…? Aren’t you going to…” But Mikazuki is nowhere to be seen and Oodenta just sighs.


The rather bad joke here is that Mitsuyo can be written as 324 (hence the smithing recipe hints) because of punny names with numbers. Aki fucked up big time because she thought it'd be something like 123 or Ichi-niisan (which only works for Ichi-nii) and messed up the numbers in trying to come up with 324.


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