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I wrote something quick for Valentine's day, where the future sinners are in a Japanese highschool AU setting with the whole tradition of girls giving the boys chocolate.



Aki shifts her feet unconsciously as she hands Mikazuki the box, bright red paper tightly wrapped which gave the sense of attempted perfection. Mikazuki admires this for a moment, without any audible reaction as he imagines her struggling to adorn the box just right only to find some corner still had wrinkles but it was too late to fix it.

She carefully avoids his eyes, as her cheeks become light pink and her hand plays around with her bangs.

“I thought I’d just buy you that. I don’t think it tastes good, you can throw it away if you want,” she says with faked indifference, but Mikazuki is way ahead of her, as he opens the box and sees the oddly perfectly imperfectly heart-shaped chocolate, the kind which would only come from true handiwork and not the perfect neatness of a machine. He has to admit his heart skips a beat when he sees it and she’s too busy trying to not look at him to notice the warm, grateful smile which has formed in his lips.

She seems to struggle to not run away, she’s forcing her legs to stay on that spot instead of walking away with the pace of a fleeing person attempting to keep their dignity. He has seen that look in her eyes, faint embarrassment and disappointment in herself, as Mikazuki has received far too many gifts throughout the day, many looking quite expensive and elegant, some chocolates of brands she probably never heard before, but he knows that she wouldn’t even be able to pay with a two-month salary of her part-time job. Most of the wrappings come in bright colors, half of them carefully adorned and the other half elegant and smart. Hers is neither, it’s very simple, painfully straightforward because it is the same as her, she has and does not pretend to have a keen aesthetic eye for wrapping things. Aki most likely tried though, only to decide it wasn’t good enough.

She did eye his gifts around lunchtime and he had noticed a faint shadow in her gaze, though he admits to be surprised that such display managed to upset her. He imagines that even though she doesn’t want to compare herself to anyone else, she feels her own attempt is inferior to everyone else, proof in how she struggles now to seem collected, even if all of their classmates have already gone home. Even more, they are on the back of the building where no one else would find them and no one would make a single comment on the simple decoration of her gift.

“A ha ha ha,” he laughs softly and he glances from the corner of his eye that she tenses up, in dreadful anticipation. “I am very thankful for such gift. Truth be told, I had been hoping that I would get something from you.” Her cheeks flush brighter though she’s struggling to form a smile and fight that tempting frown so it’s all a bitter expression.

“I-it’s not a big deal…” Aki huffs and tucks her bangs behind her ear, only to realize maybe it was a better idea to hide her face behind them but that was too late. “I-it’s not high quality…” Her voice drops for a moment. “I mean, you’re probably used to fancier… A-anyway, it’s okay if you don’t want to ea-”

Her jaw drops and her cheeks turn crimson as Mikazuki is gladly taking a large bit as she speaks. She looks as if she wants to say something, yell or do anything, but is too shocked to even come up with something. Mikazuki smiles brightly and walks, closing the gap between them. The dark taste of the chocolate is still in his tongue, so enticing and still present when he whispers to her ear, “A ha ha ha, I would never throw away something which you gave me. Though, rest assured, I am both touched and delighted you tried your best to create this wonderful chocolate. It’s rich in taste and in your feelings.”

Her face both brightens and shows signs of questioning. “W-was it good?”

But Mikazuki is already ahead of her, as he has broken a small piece and the moment she’s done with her question, he gently puts the chocolate in her mouth.

“Everything you’d do would be delicious, but yes, it is,” he whispers to her ear and with the same devious dexterity he just exhibited, he brushes his lips against her cheek.

If her smile is so bright and embarrassed because of the taste of the chocolate, his lips or his words, he can’t tell, but he never looks away from her, admiring how beautiful and adorable she is in that moment. She finally dares look at him, her cheeks still deep crimson, even more that the wrapping she used.

“I’m glad you liked it…” she says, unusually meek, though perhaps her words have a tinge of embarrassment in that everything she tried to hide, trying to pass her hard work as something she casually bought, was for nothing and Mikazuki had seen right through her.

“A ha ha ha, I told you, I love everything you do,” he says softly as he lifts her face and before she can even react, he presses his lips against hers, faint smell and taste of chocolate. When he pulls away, she’s adorably stuck between dumbfounded awestruck and faint forced roughness.

“Y-you idiot,” she babbles, and she looks away, face too hot already. “Y-you should have told me…”

“A ha ha ha, my bad,” he replies with a faint glee and a both innocent and mischievous smile as he plays with her hair, not moving away even they are painfully close.

“Though…You can… You can kiss me again…” She mumbles as she quickly and constantly glances at him only to look away for so long until Mikazuki holds her face gently and takes her lips once more. He smiles to himself when she moves closer and her hands embrace him tightly. He returns the gesture in full and when they pull away, he buries his face against her neck as he whispers to her how much he loves her.


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