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Continuation of the Valentine's day Sinners fic.


Every single girl lined up and eyes the others, partially envious but all gazes showing defeat, as they held the expensive, but similar, white chocolate boxes. In a way most girls have tried to believe that maybe they had been chosen, that they would be the one to receive Mikazuki’s special White Day gift. But Mikazuki, with a gentle smile and kind words, had made however, no pretense of giving false hopes. His tone to the receivers, while courteous and thankful, was firm. He was returning their affection for him, but he did not see any of them as anything but fellow classmates.

This in turn only served to fuel the rumors about how he had confessed to someone a while ago. There was nothing spoken out loud and no one dared to ask him, but many whispered that he had confessed to Aki and they had become a couple. For some, it was completely unexpected, but there were many who simply rolled their eyes and said they had seen it coming. Whatever the case, it was only when Mikazuki handed those chocolates that some girls finally saw their dreams crushed.


Mikazuki waited by the flowers as Aki rushed, cheeks red from all the running from the other side of the school. Her club practice had taken longer than she had expected, and not wanting to make him wait anymore, she had left the moment she was free to leave. She wanted to say something, but she had run out of breath, in spite of her good condition, she had ran as fast as she could and reached their meeting place in three minutes instead of the seven-minute walk. Mikazuki eyed her curiously, though the faint smile on his lips showed he was enjoying how flustered, for different reasons, she looked, but more importantly for why she was so agitated.

For someone who had spent many, many weeks in advance preparing herself to give him a Valentine’s homemade chocolate, she had somehow forgotten about the event exactly a month after, and she had blushed when she recalled in the morning it was White Day, as she saw Mikazuki exchanging gifts. Mikazuki found her adorable when she tensed up as he whispered to her ear to meet her after class in ‘that fateful spot’, the same where she had clumsily given him her chocolate while trying to pretend she had just bought it to protect herself from being hurt. Now flowers had started to bloom, and Mikazuki noticed this looked more like a shoujo story than anything.

When Aki was done catching her breath, her cheeks were still faintly red, for now different reasons. She shrugged, almost nonchalantly as she said, “I-I didn’t think you’d go this far, I mean, we kissed that day and we’ve been… Well, I thought that was enough for you to…” She tucked her hair behind her ear, Mikazuki adored how shy and flustered she looked because there was something endearing about her being unable to say outright that both know Mikazuki loved her as much as she loved him but she couldn’t put it in words, preferring the roundabout way to expressing her feelings.

Mikazuki came closer to her, her cheeks were now crimson and he resisted the urge to tease her further by commenting on the state of her adorably embarrassed face. Instead, he said, “A ha ha ha, I’m glad you could come here. Please, close your eyes.”

Aki looked up to meet his eyes, only to quickly turn away and after some incoherent blabbing, she nodded and closed her eyes. Mikazuki leaned closer, taking this moment to admire her struggling-to-stay-still face, and without any words, he pressed his lips against her cheek, for longer than last time. When he pulled away, he was met with her surprised gaze, full of conflicted feelings and an obvious frown she wasn’t able to control.

“Oh? What is it? Were you expecting a gift?” Mikazuki said with a sly smile and a deviously innocent tone. Truth be told, he had considered to do this, but he wanted to see her reaction to his minor teasing.

Aki didn’t react, but instead blushed more and bit her lip unconsciously. At first, Mikazuki didn’t quite get it, and the silence caused Aki’s face to continue as crimson as it was now until something finally clicked in and Mikazuki’s eyes widened and his smile grew brighter. He leaned forward and put a finger on her lips.

“I-I thought you would have kissed me in the lips… you idiot…” Aki finally mumbled, looking away as she finished her sentence as Mikazuki laughed brightly. The girl in front of him merely wanting a kiss in the lips, Aki was simply too adorable and Mikazuki wanted to pull her close to him and whisper in her ear how delightfully endearing she was. But instead, he controlled himself and took out the box which had been placed in his pocket, almost waiting for its arrival at the right moment.

Aki looked at him in confusion, and she shifted her weight. “I-I, I, you-you didn’t have to…” She managed to say while growing more flustered at any moment.

“If I could, I would have given you all the flowers in the world. But I hope this at least counts,” Mikazuki said as he put the box, elegantly adorned and Aki, opened it, with shaking hands. When she pulled out the fine necklace, she turned immediately at him as she couldn’t decide if she wanted to look in awestruck at the necklace or at him in absolutely adorable confusion.

It was the necklace she had found time ago, one she intended to buy from that jewelry store even if she didn’t wear anything fancy. But the bright red gemstone had caught her eye, and she had worked hard to earn enough money for it, only to find it had been sold out before she could even get all the money she needed.

“H-how…” She blabbed as Mikazuki took the necklace and, stepping behind her, carefully put the fine jewelry on her neck, finishing the deed with a kiss to the nape of her neck before standing in front of her once more.

“A ha ha ha, a man should try his best to surprise his beloved, wouldn’t you agree…?”

“But there was only one… And it was sold out long ago… Around last year’s December… It was a special one and-” Suddenly, her face lit up and immediately, it was burning as tears threatened to fall. “You didn’t….”

“I do recall that cold day in December, I had noticed you were simply enamored by this lovely necklace. I was very surprised to see you so interested in such items, so I wanted to see your equally lovely face when you got it.”

“You bought it back then, and…. waited all this time…?” Aki mumbled as she looked at Mikazuki.

He stepped closer, and took her face in between her hands, looking at her eyes with a passionate gaze. “My original plan was to give you a most beautiful birthday gift, but I couldn’t wait until that moment. Regardless of what happened during Valentine’s… I had decided back then that I would give you this… It suits you perfectly.”

Aki wanted to say anything but she was too busy trying to not cry. Without any word, Mikazuki closed the space between them and sealed her lips into a kiss. When he pulled away, she threw herself in his arms.

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