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This was an attempt to touch Kintoki's heart to come home but after a lot of irresponsible whaling and harsh lessons learned, he didn't come and I'm left with sadness in my heart.

A few warnings before:

This is set in a AU universe and would be a part of several things but my pain doesn't let me continue for a while. As it's AU, it doesn't involve Gudako but an OC. Edit: Thanks to polyphenols for beta-reading this!



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Hi, my name is Haya and when my swords aren't in immediate danger of breaking up and dying horribly, I live dangerously and go creative hard because I have to improvise to make up for my lack of commitment in the incredibly amusing art of fucking painful grinding.

Now, I've been playing for almost 10 months already and I haven't bothered to level up swords to the max level so far. Therefore this event is one of the times it really forces you to start up the creative juices to come up with strategies to not die and still attempt to get Blondie and Greenie, who I will properly call their names if they dare to bring their dignified asses to my citadel.

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Last time, we found out the Internet exists, Kent is an idiot and we had to cram months of working in a job in approximately 5 hours!

Unless developments take place in a long stretch of the day like, let's say Shin's detective escapade, I'll probably split updates in between days. Some are busier than others. At the point of this writing, I am at day 10 but I will keep shut for future developments that are still unknown-ish at this time, except the logical ones you could deduce from tidbits and just paying attention. Furthermore, I'll assume the reader already knows about the stories of Shin, Ikki and Trash, so spoilers for those routes are abundant. With that out of the way, let us begin.

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Amnesia has been a wild ride. Between murders and magical eyes, cages and inexplicably huge amounts of psychopaths lurking in every single goddamned route, I don't know what to expect anymore. There are only two routes left: Clover and Joker.

I'll be honest, the writing itself has been of a roller coaster, a badly designed one because at times it drags, at other times it doesn't and it's full of weird shit that I just shrug and plan a trip to burn down the Otomate building. Every route proved itself to be too plain or to LOL WHAT DID YOU JUST DO that I didn't even know how this would end. After going through three, I was just going for the last two, praying to baby Jesus for the Clover one to be as good as people said and in hopes it would and...


In all honesty, all the other routes can suck it because I wasn't even 20 minutes into the actual route and I was sold, which is why I am doing this because Kent deserves it.
And I hope the game doesn't betray me OH MY GOD PLEASE.

So, strap in for an actual thing close to an LP though it's more shitty commentary and LOL CAPS because I have a fuck ton already. To make things clear, I'm going blind for this, no guide, no reloading except like 3 instances and just as I go. Pure gut-feeling. Also warning, this route is around 400% smarter than the other routes combined for specific things that make a HUGE DIFFERENCE. In fact, these are so great I'm glad I am playing Kent's route last because the snark on the others would be "BUT KENT'S ROUTE" "KENT". With that out of the way, let us begin.

Warning: Maths involved.

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At this point I no longer know if the game upsets me or I am so indifferent to it that I can't be assed to upload pictures or maybe I'll just upload like 4 and call it a day.

I have to say that one of the personal problems I have with Amnesia is the inclusion of Trash because BOY HE DID IT AGAIN! Amazingly though I felt this route was overall shorter or it felt shorter than Ikki's for some reason, though the ending DRAGGED AS FUCK

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Continuing from the trash route of garbage, I decided to pick up Ikki because his route seemed less intense than Shin's (and featuring less Trash was good) and I'm leaving Cinnamon Kent for last.

At this point, I decided to rely on saving-parameter checking-reloading because I couldn't be assed to try it once, because Ikki's route is hard. Even if I had figured out the twists early on, it was nothing compared to knowing the right answers. In the end, I couldn't max his trust and affection and suspicion stayed between 25% and 50%. I managed somehow to avoid the bad endings and I was like "Um ok" then "LOOOOOL" as I got the good ending and I somehow managed to not fuck up badly.
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I suppose I can start a trend of whining analysing the TKRB events and not spam the wiki with my talking, plus limiting visibility of said comments.

The Village of Treasures or VoT ran from October 29th to November 17th and it was certainly quite the event.
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Day 4. Red moon
Warning. Includes very vague NSFW content.
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Day 5. Skeletons in the closet
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 Day 6. Dark Secrets

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 Day 7. Until death do us apart.

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 Day 8. Witchcraft

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Day 1: Blood

Warning: This one features dead animals, specifically lab mice.

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 Day 2: Ghost 

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Day 3: Graveyard

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I figured I should post this to at least publish my very unnecessary opinion on a game that DMM or Nitro will never read, but it should be enough for me to not want to destroy anything.

I'll be honest, Touken Ranbu fucking sucks.
Yes, that's right and I play it but there are several reasons why it's not really a good or even enjoyable game.
I've been since around March, so I am talking about my personal experience and what I've seen happening to my friends. I've lived every event and I've seen shit. It was so much that it was enough to spawn something that probably hit too many people a little bit too close. And the way this is going, unless they get their shit together, they'll shoot themselves in the foot.

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Part 2 exists because the first one was already at 3.2k words HOW DID THIS HAPPPEN


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I made a story about Dog son Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki, but since it got slightly heavy in the history deparment and I wanted to write shit, I ended up making a long ass document because I spent like 3 days reading a lot about Bakumatsu.

Feel free to read this, I also missed a lot of people but I tried to make it easy to follow.

Also, any Tokugawa fan, well I’d advise you to thread carefully. Try to not take it to heart, I'm just bitter Western trash.


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