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I decided to do the Writeoween which includes only 30 days for reasons I don't understand.

My own rules are:
  • They are all TKRB prompts (Maybe I might sneak SW, depending on the topic)
  • Length of around 500 words
  • They are honestly more spoopy than actual scary prompts

I'll upload them in batches and link the accordingly. Promp has highlighted the actual topic if there's more than one to choose from. It also features the players.



1. Blood/Flesh/Bone: Science Saniwa, Kanesan, Akita, Maeda, Urashima, Aizen, Gokotai, Kogi

2. Vampire/Ghost: Ghost girl, Nikkari, Ishikirimaru

3. Zombie/Graveyard: Pear Saniwa and the Toushirous

4. Lunar eclipse/Red Moon: No. 1 Sinning couple Mikazuki + Aki

5. Skeletons in the closet: Urashima, Gokotai, Aki, Nikkari, Tsurumaru plus brief Mikazuki cameo

6. Dark secrets: Akashi, Midare, Hasebe, Yamanbagiri, Kasen, Tsurumaru

7. Until death do us apart: Mikazuki, Blob, Aki

8.Witchcraft/Potions/Black cat: Akashi, Kasen, Tsurumaru, Aki, Otegine

9. Dark Woods/Lost

10. Sleep paralysis/Nightmare

11. Monsters/Claws/Bite marks

12. Unexplained  incident

13. Trapped/Fear

14.Seemingly Innocuous  Person/Object/Lies

15.  Aliens/Mythological creatures

16. Dark room/basement

17. Face in the mirror/ Seeing is believing

18.Magic/Science gone wrong

19. Candle/And then there was one

20. Haunted House/Old Attic

21. Black book/Cult

22.The devil//Hell

23. Reimagined Fairy Tale

24.Based on a true story/Rumors

25. Conspiracy/Murder

26. Rituals/Taboo

27. Message from the dead

28.Haunted item/Possessed by a spirit

29. Buried/Last words

30. Anything Congrats!

31. But October has 31 days :U


Because I'm an idiot, these prompts might include several characters or Saniwa from different stories I'm writing or I have planned.

+Iroha with the lovely , rated S for Swearing Wakatsuki Aki, No. 1 Sinner.

+Horror story featuring Science Saniwa Aoyanagi Ayame and Kogi and a lot of stupid children

+Pear Saniwa featuring Ueno Airi who works at a cat cafe, takes care of Toushirous and is eternally in virginal status with Ichigo Hitofuri

+Ghost Saniwa featuring your friendly super shit ghost Marugame Shiyoko, haunting the house of resident Nikkari Aoe who is in a complicated relationship with local priest Ishikirimaru.

+Flappy Saniwa featuring Otogami Reika who somehow got a place because Flappy AKA Tsurumaru Kuninaga did such a great job in the worst story horribel ever that I gave him a happy end

+Horribel story cast featuring Blob and tying with Flappy Saniwa, IT'S COMPLICATED

+Tangerine Saniwa featuring Tsukiyama Hikari, midget rich tsundere who stabs Otegine with chopsticks

+Bad Saniwa featuring Aikawa Rikako and Dog Son Yoshiyuki


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