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Given the recent changes in political affairs and how where I live is unfortunately being on the short end of the stick, I decided to open commissions for emergencies, especially since things look grim where I'm from.

Overall information

I'll do a lot of things. Want some nice CanonOC action? A sad story about a puppy? Angst? Heartwarming stories? Simple PWP? Dead people? I've got you covered. I can do general, or M/F, F/F. M/M. OCs are welcome too!

My main fandoms are:
  • Touken Ranbu
  • Samurai Warriors
  • Dynasty Warriors
  • Fate Grand Order
  • Final Fantasy
  • Bungo to Alchemist
  • Pokemon
  • I've also written things for Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates

Examples of my work can be found here or at my AO3. I've mostly written things for Touken Ranbu and Samurai Warriors, but I'm up to anything. I can work with a lot of genres as well, if you have something with a specific tone in mind. If you want to commission me for something not included on my fandom list, we can work it out as well.

I can write short fics and PWP. Long fics are accepted too but there'll be some special rules to them due to number of words and planning they need.

Payment information

My fees are:
15USD for planning and first 1000 words
13USD for every 1000 words after
5USD for research in case you want me to write something I'm not familiar with (restricted to PWP or AU)

I accept Paypal only. To avoid any issues with payments, I will send you a Paypal payment request.
These fees don't include Paypal's fee for the transaction. The fee is around 3%.
Payment must be made in full before I start the commission.

Considerations and Rules

I have the right to refuse to do a commission work.

In general:
  • Contact me at my Twitter. I have my DM open too for discussion if you have an account there.
  • You will pay for guaranteed 1000 words. If, for example, I were to write 1300 words instead of 1000, you don't have to pay for those extra 300 words.
  • During the planning phase, let me know of anything to be included.
  • I will upload the finished work on AO3 as well as send you the file on PDF format.
  • You cannot sell or redistribute my work or claim it as yours.
  • If you have questions, feel free to ask.

For R-18:
  • I will need proof you are above 18 to request this.
  • I won't write things including non-con, dead people, children or animals.
  • I will only write Mikazuki/Saniwa R-18, and no other Mikazuki pairings.
  • Please DM me to discuss kinks, if you want any included.
  • Please let me know if you want some sort of non-R-18 build-up or aftermath.
For long fic:
  • Depending on the length and complexity of it, I might charge an extra fee for planning and writing it.
  • Long fic will be at most 10k. If you have something in mind that might exceed that limit and want to negotiate, feel free to ask but I can't guarantee anything.
About OCs:
  • I'll write your OCs if you want me so. However, detailed information about them is required. If you have a Charahub page or the like ready, please refer it to me, as well as answering the OC question.
  • Please refrain from including other people's OCs (like your friends'), unless there's written confirmation and permission from the third party allowing me to write them. In such cases, I need information about them as well.
  • I might ask you more questions to get a better feel of your OCs as I'm writing your story.

My Google form Commission request link

Thank you!
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Around November I had an idea based on the rumor/unproven fact that Yukimura owned a Muramasa sword. While I couldn't find any Japanese source confirming this, I ran with this idea and literally imagined a scenario I thinnk not many thought about. Because of my own bias to SW Yukimura and the SW series, especially Chronicle, what was a short story about Yukimura and Sengo Muramasa (the sword) planned to be around 3k workds ended up to be around 22k and a huge trainwrecky crossover between Touken Ranbu and Samurai Warriors Chronicle 3.

Because of the nature of this story, featuring blatant Mikazuki/Aki and Yukimura/SWC3 protagonist, as well as fictional, not-implemented-as-of-August swords, Tokugawa bashing and personal feelings, this story will not be posted on fanfic archives. The big focus is on the Sanada clan, with very minor appearances of other Osaka/Sekigahara swords and people, but they are NOT the main focus.

Part of the dialogues are taken from SWC3, and since it follows the plot of the game, there will be major spoilers, especially for the ending.

This post is basically a way to keep all chapters organized because it is too long to put in one single post.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

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I decided to do the Writeoween which includes only 30 days for reasons I don't understand.

My own rules are:
  • They are all TKRB prompts (Maybe I might sneak SW, depending on the topic)
  • Length of around 500 words
  • They are honestly more spoopy than actual scary prompts

I'll upload them in batches and link the accordingly. Promp has highlighted the actual topic if there's more than one to choose from. It also features the players.


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Continuation of the Valentine's day Sinners fic.


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I wrote something quick for Valentine's day, where the future sinners are in a Japanese highschool AU setting with the whole tradition of girls giving the boys chocolate.




Aug. 17th, 2016 12:44 am
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I couldn't sleep properly yesterday so I thought about something involving Oodenta and the no. 1 sinner couple.



Aug. 14th, 2016 09:16 pm
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This was inspired by a fanart from Coma, where Mikazuki was drinking Sake and he says "Tonight is my win." However, I decided to take the not so usual route and imagine a different scenario instead.


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Another thing from the TKRB 60 minutes twitter prompt but I took far longer than an hour and I don't feel like I should link it (and I doubt I will do that for anything I write actually, though the prompts are good for writing shorter things than my usual 14k "short story").

For this one I took the prompt "First meeting" though I wanted to take it more as a "Many First meetings" which I hope is cleared as the story goes. I normally try to be vague about things, especially those which haven't been revealed in Iroha yet but I don't think many who read Iroha are reading this so I'll go ahead this time. Part of the story is set in Iroha's chapters 6, 9, the unreleased chapter 16 and time after chapter 16. It's full of heavy spoilers too.

Edit: It's unbeta'd, so beware of mistakes! 

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Originally planned for the 60 minute prompt but I did it way too late and I kept doing other things so I'm sure I didn't write it under the time limit. It's unbeta'd.



Jul. 2nd, 2016 06:31 pm
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Super late TKRB60 entry for "Formal/Unexpected". It's unbeta'd and somehow I always end up with sinful things.


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